Larch Network Packet Broker bridges the gap between todays ultra-high speed networks and existing management, monitoring and security tools.

LN4248Y-6Z- PB provides a scalable range from 48 ports up to 192 ports of 1/10/25/40 and 100Gbps visibility enabling users to interconnect different network protection and monitoring tools quickly and easily.
Packaged in a compact single RU chassis the LN4248Y-6Z- PB offers immediate value for today and an efficient path to the inevitable adds and changes for tomorrow.

Beyond server ready high speed connectivity for security and monitoring tools, this Packet Broker is also a feature rich traffic manager. Advanced features such as aggregation, filtering, graphical port mapping and load balancing of core network traffic allow users to leverage their tool investment.

Connect, add and change network protection and monitoring tools fast and easy with the uniquely flexible architecture of the LN4248Y-6Z- PB. The base unit provides up to 48 ports of 1/10/25 Gbps access plus 6 ports of 100Gbps access in a non-blocking single RU chassis.

As your business grows, the LN4248Y-6Z- PB will grow with you up to 192 total ports. When more ports are required in the future, simply add another 48 port unit.

The additional ports are connected to the base unit allowing traffic mapping, filtering and other features to function as a single unit. There is no need to change out, throw away or re-deploy the initial unit.
The same port speeds and rich features that are included in the base unit are all available as expansion units are added. New high speed tools can be added to 40/100 Gbps ports. Existing legacy tools can stay in service using lower speed 1/10/25 Gbps ports compatible with the processing capability of the tools.

High port density saves rack space. Port flexibility and load balancing allow continued deployment of legacy monitoring and security tools. Scalable architecture provides an economical yet highly featured entry point and an efficient growth path. A full range of port speeds protect against obsolescence as network speeds continue to accelerate.

Product Highlights

Management and capabilities

  • Next-generation network and server ready base unit 48 x 1/10/25G ports + 6 x 40/100G ports
  • Scalable to 192 ports of 1/10/25/40 and 100G
  • Aggregate, Filter and Load Balance core network traffic across existing and future tool portfolio
  • Non-blocking architecture, Line Rate System Throughput 1.8 Tbps
  • Session Aware Load Balancing by IP address, protocol, port, VLAN, MAC address or other parameters.
  • Session Aware Load Balancing by IP address, protocol, port, VLAN, MAC address or other parameters.
  • Maximizes visibility and efficiency for monitoring and security tools
  • Dual Hot swap power supplies and fans for greater resilience
  • High density solution with low power, small footprint way to gain access to network traffic
  • Unprecedented 1/10/25/40/100G Scale and Bandwidth
  • Fail-safe technology Will not introduce a failure point to the network
  • Aggregate traffic from multiple TAP modules to the backplane for aggregation, regeneration or filtering
  • Collect 100% of network traffic Passes all packets to attached devices even with errors.
  • Full SNMP Support – Send alerts when network events occur on attached tools
  • Web GUI Interface Configure and manage the entire system through the easy-to-use web interface

Traffic processing:

  • Filter Layer 2, 3 or 4 traffic on the source and/or destination of the following ID’s and protocols:
    – Layer 2: MAC, VLAN, MPLS, or Ethertype
    – Layer 3: Source and Destination IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, DSCP, or IP Protocol
    -Layer 4: Port Number
    DSCP Value (QoS)
  • Aggregate traffic from multiple TAP modules to the backplane for aggregation, regeneration or filtering and flows:
    – One-to-One
    – One-to-Many
    – Many-to-Many
    – Many-to-One
    – One-to-load balance group (LBG)
    – Many-to-load balance group (LBG)
  • The following modes are supported in each of the above flow types:
    – Standard flows
    – Aggregated TAP flow
    – Duplex flow

Optional features:

  • Tunnel Termination/De-Encapsulation
  • Packet Slicing
  • Port Tagging
  • Protocol Header Stripping – strip the header on egress port.
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