Larch Networks acquired great knowledge and experience in developing
Industrial/Rugged switches for customers. The industrial Ethernet switches are designed for use in harsh environments and allow you to build cost-effective, reliable, secure industrial networks.

Whether you require an unmanaged switch for a point to point link, a managed switch for redundancy, our extensive range of industrial Ethernet switches and knowledge of the various standards used in train, railway, energy, utilities and road applications means we have the ideal solution, regardless of the environment.

With the PoE+ sourcing capability end-devices like IP-cameras or WLAN access points can be directly attached to this switch. Alternatively, the switch can be used to power Smart Lighting

Controllers in Smart Building applications (‘Digital Building Switch’). This requires a finless design to optimize long-term reliability (no moving parts) and reduced noise level for mounting into ceilings etc. Different services like Video, Voice, Data, WLAN, Admin, Facility etc. can be separated using different VLANs and interconnected using VLAN bridging on the 10G Switch.

Product Highlights


  • Full support for Marvell’s latest ROS version
  • Fully managed through CLI, SNMP, Telnet, SSH
  • Partially manageable through web interface
  • PoE (IEEE 802.3at, IEEE 802.3AF)
  • IP40 metal box protection
  • Full ROS functionality
  • Advanced QoS
  • Full Layer 2+ software support


  • POE+/no POE
  • Power budget
  • 12ports/24 ports

Function/parameter 12x1G + 4xSFP+w/12xPOE+ 24x1G + 4xSFP+w/24xPOE+
Marvell ChipsetAlleycat3 (3336)Alleycat3 (3336)
RAM512 MB512 MB
Power54VDC screwed connection54VDC screwed connection
POE budget480480W
Case 440*235*44mm440*235*44mm
Copper ports 1Gb/s1224
Fiber ports 10Gb/s SFP+44
Other PortsConsole, OOB, USB 2.0, SD card Console, OOB, USB 2.0, SD card
MAC-Based VLANsISATAP Tunneling
Voice VLANMAC-based Port Security (Locked Port)
Multicast TV VLAN802.1x Port-Based Authentication
Triple Play, MVRTime Based 802.1x
Q-in-Q, Selective Q-in-QGuest VLAN
Multicast Bridging ModeUnauthenticated VLANs
Static Multicast Groups802.1x - MAC Authentication
IGMP SnoopingAction-on-Violation
MLD SnoopingFlow Monitoring (sFlow)
Flooding of Unregistered Multicast FramesRADIUS Remote Authorization and Authentication
Per-device Spanning TreeRADIUS Accounting
Rapid Spanning TreeTACACS+
Multiple Spanning TreeDHCP Snooping
STP Root GuardIP Source Address Guard
BPDU FilteringARP Inspection
STP BPDU GuardDoS Attack Prevention
Per-device Loopback Detection (LBD)SSL
LAG BalancingQoS Across the Stack
Static and Dynamics (DHCP/BootP) IP assignmentQoS statistics
DNS ClientEgress Rate Limiting (Shaping)
IPv6 HostIngress Rate Limiting
Dual StackPacket Storm Control
Dynamic VLAN Assignment
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