LN-4248Y-6Z is a high port density switch with (25GbE/100GbE) suitable for TOR and Datacenters Application switches that builds upon 10/40Gbe models success.

With 48-Port x 25GbE and 6 uplink ports of 100GbE it is ideally suited for deployment at the server access layer in large enterprise data centers. These switches are also designed for deployment at the core layer of data centers at medium-size enterprises. With support for secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) these devices meet the needs for higher-performance server connectivity, convergence of Ethernet,
storage and video traffic with capability to handle virtual environments, and ultra-low latency – all in a single device.

Main applications for LN-4248Y-6Z are: Enterprise, Campus Aggregation and Core, Data Center Aggregation and Core, Spine/Leaf Switches. Use of Intel C2538 CPU with SO-DIMM memory and mSATA flash expansion enables custom software configurations.

Programmable header architecture allows support of VXLAN, NVGRE and future possible VXLAN-GPE, Geneve and NSH encapsulation. With support for encapsulated traffic routing switch can serve as gateway between MPLS (VPLS, EVPN) and VXLAN domains, processing packets in single-pass. Switch supports two-step and one-step Precision Time Protocol (PTP), providing high-accuracy clock synchronization, required by data center applications, such as financial trading and time-based updates in SDN. Cascading is available with previous generations of switches and Marvell PIPE units that support Marvell eDSA/DSA tagging.

Product Highlights

  • Cut-through with ultra-low-latency and wire speed
  • High 25GbE TOR port density with 100GbE uplinks
  • Virtual networking ready with TRILL, NVGRE, VXLAN-GPE, GENEVE, SPB, GRE
  • Four hot-swappable FAN
  • Two hot-swappable PSU


  • Enterprise
  • Campus Aggregation and Core
  • Data Center Aggregation and Core
  • Spine/Leaf Switches


  • OpenSource NOS OpenSwitch or Microsoft SONIC
  • Marvell Total Solution ROS Layer2+ NOS
  • LarchOS – full-featured telecom/datacenter grade management system
Function/parameter 48x25G + 6x100G
Marvell ChipsetBobCat3
Maximum Bandwidth 1.86Tbps
FANs 4+1
PSU650W hotswap (1+1, single is normal)
Case 440*470*44mm
1/10/25GbE GbE ports 48
100 GbE ports 6
Other Ports Console, OOB, USB 2.0
Layer 2 Feature list MPLS/MPLS-TP Feature list Layer 3 Feature list Management, Security and Qos Features
802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol/802.1 w Rapid MPLS Architecture Support Static IPv4/Ipv6 Access control list
Spanning Tree / 802.1 s Multiple Spanning Tree / LDP, RSVP support OSPFv2/v3, ISIS (v4/v6), MP-BGP, RIPv2 RADIUS & TACACS+ support
RPVST+ RSVP Traffic Engineering support Multi-path ECMP Role based access control
VLAN’s with QinQ RSVP FRR with 1:1 and 1:n support VRF Lite – IPv4 Modular & Hierarchical QOS for Policing, Marking and Shaping
802.1Q VLAN’s / Trunking support Pseudowire setup and maintenance using LDP BFD for IPv4, IPv6, Protocol support for OSPF, BGP in Global and VRF space Flexible flow classification and action rule-set
Private VLAN’s Pseudowire setup and maintenance using BGP IGMP v2/v3 NETCONF support
802.1 AB Link Layer Discovery protocol EVPN support over VPLS IGMP Snooping, querier, proxy report suppression Ansible Integration
802.3x Flow control MPLS L3VPN for IPv4/IPv6 MLD Sflow support
802.1x Authentication Differentiated Services over MPLS MSDP DCHP Relay/Client
802.3ad Link aggregation group support BFD for Pseudowire VCCV PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, PIM-DM (IPv4/IPv6 Syslog
Multi-chassis Link aggregation group support OAM for MPLs based transport networks, pro-active connectivity check, RDI VRRPSNMP Support
CFM 802.1ag MPLS TP, Transport Profile Support Industry standard CLI
Y.1731 MVPN Support
VxLAN support with EVPN
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