LN-4332Z4 is a high port density switch with 32 x QSFP56-DD ports in a single 1RU and single packet forwarding engine, suitable for Datacenters that need unprecedented speed.

With 32 QSFP56-DD 400Gpbs ports it is ideally suited for deployment at leaf/spine in data centers, where high performance is the most important, or, with 12.8Tbps total performance – as ultra-powerful appliance. 

With support for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)  these secure devices meet the needs for higher-performance connectivity, convergence of Ethernet, storage and video traffic with capability to handle virtual environments, and ultra-low latency – all in a single device.

Every port support QSFP single density modules that would allow 200Gbps QSFP56 or 100Gbps QSFP28, as well as breakout cables with 8×1/10/25/56Gbps or 2x100Gbps connections.

Main applications for LN-4332Z4 Data Center Aggregation, Core, Spine/Leaf Switches and Network Appliances. Use of x86 CPU subsystem with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 64GB of M.2 SSD enables custom software configurations. Programmable architecture allows support of custom encapsulated traffic routing. Switch can serve as gateway between MPLS (VPLS, EVPN) and VXLAN domains, processing packets in single-pass. Switch supports two-step and one-step Precision Time Protocol (PTP), providing high-accuracy clock synchronization, required by data center applications, such as financial trading and time-based updates in SDN. Cascading is available with previous generations of switches and Marvell PIPE units that support Marvell eDSA/DSA tagging.

At a glance

  • Cut-through with ultra-low-latency 
  • 32x400Gbps QSFP56-DD in 1U form factor
  • 256x56Gbps High Speed Serdes MAC in a single PFE Packet Forwarding Engine that support 1/10/25/56 port speed modes
  • 2x10Gpbe SFP+ and 1xGbaseT RJ45 Management Plane Ports
  • Six hot-swappable FAN AFI/AFO
  • Two hot-swappable PSU


  • Enterprise
  • Campus Aggregation and Core
  • Data Center Aggregation and Core
  • Spine/Leaf Switches
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