The switch is ideal for ISPs/MSOs that want to provide home users with FTTH triple-play services with up to a Gigabit of bandwidth. It is also ideal for ISPs/MSOs that want to aggregate FE/GE access switches with Gigabit fiber uplinks.

By inserting a CSFP transceiver with two bidirectional fiber ports into a CSFP port, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Multiple System
Operators (MSOs) can support twice as many subscribers per port and reduce the space and heating or cooling costs needed for
deploying two 24 port switches and larger 48-port switches.

Product Highlights


  • 54CSFP ports in one switch
  • Easy Deployment and Use
  • Strong Security
  • Power Efficiency
  • Full Layer 2+ feature set with Marvell ROS
  • Open Flow support
  • Up to 8 units’ stack
  • Advanced QoS
  • Full Layer 2+ software support
Function/parameter 10x10Gb + 2xSFP+ Combo Ports
Marvell ChipsetAleycat3X
Switching Capacity256 Gbps
Case 440х220х44 mm
GE CSFP Ports24
GE Combo Ports (RJ-45/CSFP)4 RJ-45/2 CSFP
SFP+ 10 Gigabit Uplink Ports4
20G QSFP+ Uplink2
Other PortsGE out of band Management Port, RJ-45 Console Port
Layer 2 Feature list MPLS/MPLS-TP Feature listLayer 3 Feature list Management, Security and Qos Features
802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol/802.1 w RapidMPLS Architecture SupportStatic IPv4/Ipv6 Access control list
Spanning Tree / 802.1 s Multiple Spanning Tree / LDP, RSVP supportOSPFv2/v3, ISIS (v4/v6), MP-BGP, RIPv2 RADIUS & TACACS+ support
RPVST+RSVP Traffic Engineering support Multi-path ECMP Role based access control
VLAN’s with QinQ RSVP FRR with 1:1 and 1:n support VRF Lite – IPv4 Modular & Hierarchical QOS for Policing, Marking and Shaping
802.1Q VLAN’s / Trunking support Pseudowire setup and maintenance using LDP BFD for IPv4, IPv6, Protocol support for OSPF, BGP in Global and VRF spaceFlexible flow classification and action rule-set
Private VLAN’s Pseudowire setup and maintenance using BGP IGMP v2/v3 NETCONF support
802.1 AB Link Layer Discovery protocol EVPN support over VPLSIGMP Snooping, querier, proxy report suppressionAnsible Integration
802.3x Flow control MPLS L3VPN for IPv4/IPv6 MLD Sflow support
802.1x Authentication Differentiated Services over MPLSMSDP DCHP Relay/Client
802.3ad Link aggregation group support BFD for Pseudowire VCCV VRRPSyslog
Multi-chassis Link aggregation group support OAM for MPLs based transport networks, pro- active connectivity check, RDIPIM-SM, PIM-SSM, PIM-DM (IPv4/IPv6SNMP Support
CFM 802.1ag MPLS TP, Transport Profile SupportIndustry standard CLI
Y.1731 MVPN Support
VxLAN support with
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