The POF switch directs data traffic between your devices over an Ethernet network, connecting your home or office equipment to the benefits of Plastic Optical Fiber.

The compact and sturdy switch simply plugs into POF cable with zero configurations, providing instant connection to Fast Ethernet of 100Mbps over Plastic Optical Fiber. Plastic Optical Fiber does not conduct electricity, keeping your devices safe from being destroyed by power surge via network cable.

POF switch is a standalone device and it’s an L2+ managed switch equipped with 12 lines for 1Gbps POF (plastic optical fiber), 2 copper RJ-45 1000BASE-T and 2 fiber SFP+. This switch also provides one RJ45 connector console port used for device configuration. There is USB port for firmware upgrade and configuration upload. Each 1Gbps port is equipped with LEDs indicating its speed, link status and activity.

Product Highlights


  • Full support for Marvell’s latest ROS version
  • Fully managed through CLI, SNMP, Telnet, SSH
  • TR69 to be evaluated according Telco customer requirement
  • Partially manageable through web interface
  • Full ROS functionality
  • Advanced QoS
  • Full Layer 2+ software support
Marvel Chipset Alleycat3 (3234)
Case 440x220x43 mm
Fiber POF ports 1Gb/s 12
Fiber ports 10Gb/s SFP+ 2
Cooper ports 1Gb/s 2
Other Port Console, USB 2.0, RS232
MAC-Based VLANs ISATAP Tunneling
Voice VLAN MAC-based Port
Multicast TV VLAN Security (Locked Port)
Triple Play, MVR 802.1x Port-Based
Q-in-Q, Selective Q-in-Q Authentication
Multicast Bridging Time Based 802.1x
Mode Guest VLAN
Static Multicast Groups Unauthenticated VLANs
IGMP Snooping 802.1x - MAC Authentication
MLD Snooping Action-on-Violation
Flooding of Unregistered Multicast FramesFlow Monitoring (sFlow)
Per-device Spanning RADIUS Remote Authorization and Authentication
Tree RADIUS Accounting
Rapid Spanning Tree TACACS+
Multiple Spanning Tree DHCP Snooping
STP Root Guard IP Source Address
BPDU Filtering Guard
STP BPDU Guard ARP Inspection
Per-device Loopback DoS Attack Prevention
Detection (LBD) SSL
LAG Balancing QoS Across the Stack
Static and Dynamics (DHCP/BootP) IP assignment QoS statistics
DNS Client Egress Rate Limiting (Shaping)
IPv6 Host Ingress Rate Limiting
Dual StackPacket Storm Control
Dynamic VLAN Assignment
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